Line Settings

When you initially set your system up you can use the feature Number of Lines to determine the number of outside lines that are automatically assigned to all system extensions.

Number of Lines
Set the number of lines automatically assigned to line appearance buttons on all extensions with programmable buttons. The lines are also used as the default automatic line selection list for those extensions.
Line Assignment
Allows the individual setting of additional lines to line appearance buttons beyond those set by the Number of Lines setting.
Line Coverage Extension
When an incoming calls arrives on a line, it is presented to all extensions that have a line appearance button assigned for that line. However for call coverage, VMS coverage and call forwarding it can be set to follow the settings of the extension set as the line's coverage extension. This does not apply if the line is assigned to ring into the operator group, a hunt group or a calling group.
Group Call Distribution
Assign outside lines to hunt group. Doing this allows outside calls to ring directly into a hunt group instead of being answered and transferred by the receptionist.
CO Disconnect Time
Set the disconnect time setting for a line.
Automatic Line Selection
Adjust the automatic line selection settings for an extension.
Assign Line to Auto Attendant
By default all lines are assigned to the first auto attendant. For IP Office Essential Edition - IP Office Essential Edition - Basic Edition 6.1 and higher this setting allows a line to be assigned to another auto attendant.


Other Options

Line Ringing
The ringing applied to a particular line appearance on an extension can be switched between immediate, delayed or no ring.
VMS Hunt Schedule
Following alerting on line appearance buttons, a line can be configured to present its incoming calls to the VMS auto attendant. The hunt schedule sets whether and when this option is used.
VMS Hunt Delay
Set the delay before incoming calls are rerouted to the VMS auto attendant when scheduled to be used.
Line Ringing Pattern
The ring pattern used for calls being presented via a particular line can be specified.



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