Using Voicemail

Changing Your Greeting

By default the system plays a general greeting to callers who are directed to your mailbox. That general greeting states your extension number, or name if you have recorded one, and asks the caller to leave a message after the tone. You can override the default greeting by recording your own personal greeting.

Callers can skip your greeting by pressing 1. Instead they will hear the tone and can leave their message immediately. This does not work if your greeting is set to play as a continuous loop.



To listen to your greeting

1.Login to your mailbox.
2.Press 3 to select the option to edit your greeting.
3.Press 1 to hear your greeting. If no greeting has been recorded your will hear "The message has not yet been recorded". You need to record a message.


To record or change your greeting

1.Login to your mailbox.
2.Press 3 to select the option to edit your greeting.
3.Press 2 to change your greeting.
4.When you are prompted speak your new greeting.
The greeting must be longer than 3 seconds.
A long (approximately 10 seconds) period of silence will disconnect you from voicemail.
5.Press 2 when you have finished recording your greeting.
6.Press 1 to listen to your new greeting. After you have listened to your greeting you can:
Press 3 to save the new greeting. Your new greeting will be used.
Press 2 to re-record the new greeting.
Press 4 to save the new greeting for playing on a continuous loop. This option can be used to continually play the greeting to a caller; the caller will not be able to leave a message. Note that once this option is selected, the greeting cannot be changed back to a normal greeting except by recording a new greeting.



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