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Directory (IP Office) Provider

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The settings below are shown for a Directory (IP-Office) provider. These should only be changed if you are experienced with the installation and operation of one-X Portal for IP Office.    


To add a new Directory provider, user the options for adding a CSTA provider. To edit an existing provider, click on the admin_provider_edit edit icon next to the existing entry.

Directory Provider Settings

Any changes to provider settings requires you to restart the portal service.


IP Address
The IP address of the IP Office system.

User Name
The name of the TCPA service user configured in the security settings of the IP Office system. The default user is EnhTcpaService.

The password set for the TCPA service user.

oWarning: Placing the cursor focus on the password field removes the existing password.

Port number
The port number on which the IP Office system accepts connections.

The timeout value between 30 to 600 seconds.

Secure Connection
Set to connect with the telephone system directory service.


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