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Using one-X Portal

When a new call alerts your phone, one-X Portal displays its details in the callsHead Calls gadget. If you have hidden the calls gadget it is automatically opened again.

By default new calls will ring your phone for 15 seconds before following your forward on no answer settings or going to voicemail. If you already have a call connected, answering another call using one-X Portal will automatically put the existing call on hold.

To answer a call:

1. The callsHead Calls gadget on the Main tab shows details of the alerting call including the number of the caller if available and the name if available. If you already have a call or calls in progress, select the tab with the ringing handset icon small alerting icon.
alert new call

2. To answer the call, either use your phone or click the callAnswer call answer button. If you already have another call in progress, that call will be automatically put on hold. Alternatively, pressing the callDrop drop button redirects the call, see Redirecting an Incoming Call.

The callAnswer call answer button is not present for phones that cannot answer calls without the handset first being lifted or some other phone control being used. For those phones, answer the call by lifting the handset or using the phone's own controls for answering calls. See Phone Notes.



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