How unanswered calls are treated depends both on your phone settings and the type of call.

For Calls Direct to You

Using the IP Office system configuration you have a set No Answer Time (the default is 15 seconds). For calls direct to you, if you do not answer within that time, the IP Office will do a number of things.

If you have Forward on No Answer enabled, the call will be redirected to that number to ring for another period of your No Answer Time before going to voicemail if available.

If your Forward on No Answer destination is an external number, the phone system will try to retrieve the call and send it to voicemail if it is remains unanswered there. However, that is not always possible.

You can switch forwarding on/off and change the destination number using a one-X Portal profile.

If you are enabled to use voicemail, the caller will hear your mailbox greeting. You can switch voicemail on or off using a one-X Portal profile.

If neither of the above is available, the call will continue ringing. If the call is answered by someone else or by voicemail, it will be recorded in your call log as a missed call.

For Calls To A Hunt Group of Which You Are a Member

Hunt groups have their own No Answer Time setting. If unanswered by you, the call is normally presented to the next available member of the hunt group.