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Viewing the Directories

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The one-X Portal can display several directories (System, Personal and External) of names and associated telephone numbers.


icon personal Personal
This is your own directory of names and numbers. You can associate multiple numbers with a name and select which number to use when making a call. You can edit and change the directory contacts using one-X Portal. You can also setup sub-groups of selected contacts. For some types of phone (see below), you can also access, use and edit your Personal directory from the phone.

icon system System
This is the directory of names and numbers from your telephone system plus all the users and Hunt groups on the telephone system. Your one-X Portal administrator can also add System directory contacts. You cannot change these contacts. However, you can copy a System directory contact into your Personal directory.

The system only displays groups created by the system administrator. However, the system does not display XMPP hunt groups.

If the system administrator has enabled the "Ex-directory"option for a Hunt group, then the system does not display those Hunt groups. The system displays the Hunt groups only if you are configured as a member of that Hunt group.

Your system administrator can configure one-X Portal to access an external LDAP directory. If your one-X Portal server has been configured to do this, you can perform a search of the external directory. The results of the search are shown here.

Search All
This additional option is used to display the results of a cross directory search.

Personal Directory

If you are using a Avaya phone (1400, 1600, 9500, 9600 or J100 Series) phone with a Contacts button, or M-Series, T-Series phone, you can also use your Personal directory contacts through the phone and edit them using the phone.

1. As Personal directory contacts are added, they are stored by both the one-X Portal application and by the telephone system and kept in sync. The one-X Portal application and the telephone system can only store up to 250 Personal directory contacts per user (subject to its own system limits).

Any contacts uploaded from the Avaya IP Office Plug-in are listed in the Outlook group under the Personal tab. They are stored in the one-X Portal only, and are in addition to the maximum 250 Personal Directory contacts.

2.Contacts can be edited through the phone or through one-X Portal.

3.Personal directory contacts shown by the one-X Portal can contain several numbers with one selected as the current Primary phone number. The matching telephone system record contains just one number, which will be changed to match the currently selected Primary phone number on one-X Portal if that selection is changed.


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