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Using one-X Portal

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Your one-X Portal can display several directories of names and associated telephone numbers. It does this in the directoryHead Directory gadget. When you hover your cursor over a contact, icons for various actions are displayed.


Each of the different types of directory listed below is shown on a separate tab. In addition you can create up to 4 additional tabs to which you can add selected contacts.

This tab shows your personal contacts stored by the phone system. If you are using an Avaya phone, these contacts are also accessible on the phone. You can arrange your personal contacts into up to 5 hunt groups.

This tab shows contacts stored by the phone system for use by all users plus the details of other users and hunt groups.

This tab allows you to search an external directory of contacts if configured by your administrator.

Search All
This tab is displayed when the search box at the top of the gadget has been used to search all the directories. The tab displays the results of the search.

Dialing by Name
When making calls using the callsHead Calls gadget, you can enter a name rather than a number. If the name matches a contact in your Personal directory or the System directory, the primary number of that contact is dialed.

Name Display on Incoming Calls
When receiving a call, if the number of the caller matches a contact in your Personal directory or the System directory, the name of the contact is displayed by your one-X Portal.


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