These modules can be used to add additional ports to an IP Office systems. The number of external expansion modules supported depends on the control unit type. Each module uses an external power supply unit  supplied with the module. A locale specific power cord for the PSU must be ordered separately.

IP500 System with External Expansion Module

IP500 System with External Expansion Module


Systems running in IP Office Essential Edition mode support up to 8 external expansion modules so long as the system extensions limit is not exceeded.

Each external expansion module is supplied with a blue 1 meter (3'3'') expansion interconnect cable. This cable must be used when connecting to expansion ports on the rear of a control unit.

! Important: External Expansion Module Power
In order to be detected and operated correctly, external expansion modules must start before the IP Office control unit. Normally this achieved by connected all expansion modules to the same power strip as the control unit. The control unit applies a short delay to its own start-up process to ensure that expansion modules powered on at the same time as it are detected.

IP500 External Expansion Modules

Expansion modules include an external power supply unit (PSU) and a 1m blue interconnect cable. They do not include a locale specific power cord for the external PSU or any phone extension cables.




SAP Code

Digital Phones (Non-IP)



IPO 500 Digital Station 16B



IPO 500 Digital Station 30B



Analog Phones



IPO 500 Phone 16



IPO 500 Phone 30






IPO 500 Analog Trunk 16

North America