The following IP500 external expansion modules are supported by IP Office Release Each module uses an external power supply unit  supplied with the module. A locale specific power cord for the PSU must be ordered separately.

The external module can be stacked on top of the control unit. They can also be wall or rack mounted using one of the IP Office mounting kits.

Systems running in IP Office Essential Edition mode support up to 8 external expansion modules so long as the system extensions limit is not exceeded.

IP500 Digital Station B/B2 Modules

Provides an additional 16 or 30 RJ45 ports. These can be used as either DS ports or BST ports.  However, the module can only support one port type at any time. For IP Office Release 10.1 the DS16B/DS30B modules have been superseded by the DS16B2/DS30B2 models.

ip500 ds30 3d small

IP500 Phone Modules

Provides, depending on variant, an additional 16 or 30 PHONE ports for connecting analog phones.

ip500 phone30 3d small

IP500 Analog Trunk Module

Provides an additional 16 ANALOG ports for connection of analog trunks. Supports both loop-start and ground-start trunks.

Use with ground start trunks requires that the trunk module and the IP Office control unit are grounded.

In IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode, IP Office Basic Edition - Norstar Mode and IP Office Basic Editions, only 1 Analog Trunk module is supported.

ip500 atm16 3d small