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Using one-X Portal

You can minimize any of the gadgets shown on the Main tab by selecting the icon minimize icon in the top right of the gadget. While minimized, the gadget is reduced in size to just its title bar and an icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the one-X Portal.

Minimized Gadget Icons


Calls Gadget
Note that if you receive a new call while you have the calls gadget minimized it will be automatically restored in order to display the caller details.


Messages Gadget
This icon also shows the number of unread messages in your mailbox.


Conversation History Gadget
This icon also shows the number of missed calls in your call log.


Directory Gadget
This icon displays directories of names and associated telephone numbers.

icon world clock

World Clock Gadget
This gadget shows the current time in various selected time zones.

agent gadget icon

Queues and Agent Control Gadget
This gadget is used to monitor hunt group queues of calls waiting to be answered.


Scheduler Gadget
This gadget shows you the scheduled conferences to which you have been invited and allows you to schedule new conferences.

To minimize a gadget:

1.To minimize a gadget, click on the icon minimize icon in the top right of the gadget. To minimize a gadget that is maximized you should first restore it by clicking the restore icon.

To restore a gadget:

1.To restore a gadget, either click on its icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen or click the restore icon it the gadgets title bar.


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