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Adding a new Personal directory contact

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You can add a new contact in the Personal directory. You can also add caller details from a voicemail message, the Conversation History or the System directory to your personal directory.

To add a new personal contact:

1.In the directoryHead Directory gadget on the Main tab, select the Personal directory tab.

2.Type the name or number that you want to add and click the add icon.

3.The system displays the Add New Contact window.

a.Type the details of the contact in the Add New Contact window.

If the Work phone setting matches the extension number of a telephone system user, the directory contact displays the user status of the user. This applies even if another number is currently selected as the Primary phone.

You can use the Group list to select which of your personal contacts tabs the contact should appear on.

You can add the gmail address and the Office Communications Server (OCS) address of the contact. After you add the addresses you can start an email or initiate a chat from the one-X Portal directory.

b.When finished, click Save.

Personal Directory

If you are using a Avaya phone (1400, 1600, 9500, 9600 or J100 Series) phone with a Contacts button, or M-Series, T-Series phone, you can also use your Personal directory contacts through the phone and edit them using the phone.

1. As Personal directory contacts are added, they are stored by both the one-X Portal application and by the telephone system and kept in sync. The one-X Portal application and the telephone system can only store up to 250 Personal directory contacts per user (subject to its own system limits).

Any contacts uploaded from the Avaya IP Office Plug-in are listed in the Outlook group under the Personal tab. They are stored in the one-X Portal only, and are in addition to the maximum 250 Personal Directory contacts.

2.Contacts can be edited through the phone or through one-X Portal.

3.Personal directory contacts shown by the one-X Portal can contain several numbers with one selected as the current Primary phone number. The matching telephone system record contains just one number, which will be changed to match the currently selected Primary phone number on one-X Portal if that selection is changed.


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