The one-X Portal consists of two tabs or pages; Main and Configure. The elements displayed on the Main tab are described below.

Title Bar

The title bar shows you information about yourself.



The toolbar at the bottom is used to access controls for the one-X Portal appearance and to display icons for minimized gadgets.


callsHead Calls Gadget

The Calls gadget shows details of you current calls, with a sub-tab for each call. The text boxes at the top of the gadget can be used to make new calls.

pa calls

logsHead Conversation History

The Conversation History gadget displays your call log which is stored by the telephone system.

pa call log

directoryHead Directory

The Directory gadget shows a number of different directories. The Personal directory is your own private contacts. The System directory contains shared directory contacts stored by the telephone system plus the details of the other users and hunt groups on the phone system. The External directory allows you to search other directories, access to which has been configured by the system administrator.


messagesHead Messages

The Messages gadget shows you details of the messages in your voicemail mailbox. You can use the gadget to playback the messages via your phone or via your browser if it supports multimedia.

pa mailbox

icon small world clock World Clock

The World Clock gadget shows you the current time in different time zones that you select. It can be used in a time zones band view or a time zones clock view.

gadget world clock

icon queues Queues and Agent Control

This gadget allows you to handle hunt groups. One table lets you monitor the number of calls queuing to be answered for up to 5 different hunt groups. You can then use the queues to answer one of those calls if necessary. The other table lets you see and change your current membership of groups to which you belong.

gadget queues

icon_conf_gadget Call/Conference Scheduling

This gadget allows you to view the future conferences to which you have been invited and to also schedule conferences.