Programming Functions

The table below lists the settings that can be programmed from a suitable phone on the first two extensions in the system.

Settings by Code

Settings by Name

101: System Date
103: System Time
107: Recall timer
124: Manual Backup*
125: Restore* (Reboot)
127: Hold Timer
310: VMS Cover
316: Call Waiting
399: Copy Settings*
405: Disallow To
407: Allowed Lists
408: Allow To
501: Pickup Group
502: Calling Group
505: Hunt Group
602: Music on Hold
728: System Reset* (Reboot)
729: System Shutdown*
731: System Upgrade* (Reboot)
732: System Copy*
734: Default Numbering (Reboot)
989: System Default*
600-699: System Speed Dials
<button>: Line Ringing
–: ARS Selectors (DS/PBX)
–: Calls Out (DS/PBX)
–: OG Call Select (DS/PBX)
–: Operator Group (DS/PBX)
–: System Locale (Reboot)
–: System Mode (DS/Reboot)
Allow To 408
ARS Selectors (DS/PBX) –
Calls Out (DS/PBX)
Default Numbering (Reboot) 734
Hold Timer 127
Hunt Group 505
Line Ringing <button>
OG Call Select (DS/PBX)
Operator Group (DS/PBX)
Restore* (Reboot) 125
System Copy* 732
System Locale (Reboot)
System Mode (DS/Reboot)
System Reset* (Reboot) 728
System Upgrade* (Reboot)
VMS Cover 310
Items marked * cannot be accessed using the Next Procedure or Previous Procedure options.
Items with a – are not accessible by # code.
Items labeled (DS) can only be accessed using DS phones.
Items labeled (PBX) can only be accessed on systems running in PBX system mode.
Items labeled (Key) can only be accessed on systems running in key system mode.
Items labeled (Reboot) require the system to restart, ending any calls currently in progress.


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